I am committed to ensuring my clients receive the most appropriate solution to meet their needs. I always listen  extensively with prospective clients to understand their needs. I then apply a rigorous process to enable me to provide the most suitable options so that they can make an informed decision.

Throughout the focus is on you, your challenges and your needs. I will consider carefully your situation before providing any options and proposals. These will be underpinned by my values for respect, honesty and integrity that I have demonstrated throughout my career as a chartered engineer in manufacturing.


Conversation on site, online or over the phone to discuss your challenges,  how I can help and how you may like to engage.


  • Unlimited telephone calls
  • One free UK site visit


A straight forward report that identifies the opportunities within your business for operational and ranks them by ease-benefit.

A paid piece of work – typically 3 to 4 days.

  • Exploration on site
  • Analysis off site
  • Explanation on site


A straight forward report in greater detail that not only identifies and quantifies the opportunities but explains how to realise them. I can also develop capital expenditure, grant applications, and detailed plans.

A paid piece of work – time dependent upon the breadth and depth of service.

  • Exploration on site
  • Analysis off site
  • Planning & writing off site
  • Explanation on site


All the above, including project managing the changes. I now have responsibility for delivery on an agreed set of outcomes to deliver benefits to an agreed method of calculation.

At this stage it can either be a paid piece of work or we can agree a method of benefits calculation & verification with an agree percentage rate of recompense.