I am located centrally in the UK just north of Derby with easy access to the M1 for north and south, and A50 for east and west.

I am able to make site visits across the UK. My central location means that I am within 2 hours of London, Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham and Manchester. 

Initial conversations can be done over Zoom or MS Teams followed by a site visit.

I am also able to travel globally. However, my preference is to  complete as much work as possible from my office to reduce carbon emissions, travel time and costs.

carbon reduction2

I use a fully electric vehicle charged from solar power for about 20,000 miles per annum. This equates to a 2.5 te of carbon dioxide saving. 

Paperless activity saves over 5 trees being felled, over 650,000 litres of water and the use of hazardous chemicals such as bleach for paper manufacture.