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improving not disrupting your business - paperless distance delivery

I can now deliver both improvement apprenticeships and training via either Microsoft Teams or Zoom.
Content is enhanced by interactive quizzes and polls to supplement presentations and videos. All sessions can be recorded and be accessible for future reference by the learners. 
All documents and files are shared electronically via Microsoft Cloud. Further, all documents requiring signatures will use a Government approved and legally recognised electronic signature service.
This means that training can be delivered effectively, and less disruptively, in bite sized chunks with access to 1-1 coaching available to support the learners.
carbon reduction2
Using the Carbon Footprint online calculator I believe distance delivery can save 1.6 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions a year from a combination of reduced travel and going paperless.
Paperless activity will save over 5 trees being felled, over 650,000 litres of water and the use of hazardous chemicals such as bleach for paper manufacture.

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