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Putting Clients First

I am committed to ensuring my clients receive the most appropriate solution to meet their needs. Therefore I always visit prospective clients and apply a rigorous process to enable them to make an informed decision.

Where suitable I recommend using the Apprenticeship
Levy scheme to minimise cost to your business and amplify return on investment from 2:1 To 200:1.

This provides training that is assured by the ESFA and OFSTED. Where this does not suit your needs I can develop bespoke training programmes outside Government-funded schemes.


I am able to offer a range of services to meet your particular needs to boost productivity, reduce quality issues and improve customer service. Where suitable I recommend using apprenticeships to deliver business improvement skills as I believe this offers the best value in terms of skills development, return on investment and lowest cost. However, where this is not practicable or does not meet your needs I can devise bespoke training courses across a range of subjects from health & safety, asset management, lean manufacturing or lean office and problem solving. Further I can add in coaching support or undertake a specific project under a consultancy arrangement.

My 5 step process

Organisational and training needs analysis

Discuss both business and employee needs to identify potential mutually suitable programmes – ideally Government funded.

Funding check and business case

Qualify the availability of funding and assess the scope and scale of the potential improvement opportunities.

Agree training contracts

Ensure a contract for provision of training is in place and agree individual learning plans.

Deliver skills and improvement project

Provide the learners with an outstanding experience whilst they deliver real benefits to your business via agreed improvement projects.

Learner assessment and project review

Complete the final assessments and certify the employees competence whilst reviewing the success of the project and the outcomes for the business

Apprenticeship Products

Currently I can deliver the listed apprenticeship schemes. Please follow the links to find up to date detailed information on from the Institute for Apprenticeships.
Also, with regards to funding rules please follow the link to the HMRC website for details of the current rules.

My Mission

My goal is to significantly improve productivity of businesses operating in, and supplying to, the manufacturing sector across the region.

I will upskill your employees, improving their levels of motivation and engagement whilst providing them with the ongoing ability to solve systemic business problems. This investment in your team also leads to higher retention of staff thus reducing the disruption and costs caused by a cycle of recruitment and job training.

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