improving not disrupting your business

paperless distance delivery

Using Microsoft Teams, either mine with learners as guests, or an account setup in your Teams environment, II can deliver specifically developed bite sized lessons and coaching. This can be recorded for use by the group or individual learners rather than relying on notes and memory. Alternatively, we can use Zoom.

Using the Onedrive cloud environment integrated with Microsoft Teams all course documentation from enrolment, teaching materials, portfolio templates, off-the-job records and progress reviews are held securely and can be accessed by both the learner and I thus removing the need to print or email anything.

All materials are provided, and the learners are expected to produce their documents, in familiar Microsoft applications such as Powerpoint, Word, Excel with ‘prints’ to PDF format.

All documents that require signatures, from learning contracts, enrolment, off-the job records, progress and gateway reviews are ‘printed’ as PDFs and sent via a legally recognised and Government approved e-signature platform Yoti-Sign. This produces a record and a signed PDF copy for all parties.

Distance delivery sessions are enhanced by the use of interactive quizzes and games to increase learner engagement and verify learning outcomes.


carbon reduction2

Using the Carbon Footprint online calculator I believe distance delivery can save 1.6 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions a year from a combination of reduced travel and going paperless.

Paperless activity will save over 6 trees being felled, over 650,000 litres of water and the use of hazardous chemicals such as bleach for paper manufacture.