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Go Six Sigma join vetted provider list for D2N2 Growth Hub UpScaler

Is your company growing at a pace that’s hard to manage? Help may be on hand from D2N2 Growth Hub’s UpScaler Project.

Delivered in partnership by Nottingham Business School (NBS) at Nottingham Trent University and East Midlands Chamber and with support from European Regional Development Fund, this exclusive and unique programme provides tailored and intensive high-growth business support.

UpScaler is open to a limited number of high-growth enterprises that are growing rapidly or planning to do so.

Businesses that are scaling up; have the potential to scale-up; or are ambitious to grow and scale-up will be considered for the programme.

Benefits of joining UpScaler include a diagnostic review of your business’ unique scale-up challenges; access to customised and proven business support workshops and peer-to-peer events; and funding towards management coaching and hiring graduate talent.

How are Go Six Sigma are involved?

As a successful business, there may be many challenges influencing your ability to take the next steps and scale-up and we are on hand to help you if:

·       Lack of clarity on actions needed to sustain growth?

·       Variable individual and team performance?

·       Working at full capacity, but not achieving full profitability?

·       Inadequate processes and structures in place to support further growth?

·       Lack of appropriate skills, talent and capabilities – including in your management team?

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Is my business eligible?

An exclusive number of eligible SME’S in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire are being invited to join the UpScaler Project.

There are three eligible categories of high growth business:

Scale-up businesses – businesses with between 10 and 249 people, turnover between £1m- £45m and annual growth of 20%+ for the last three years.

Potential scale-up businesses – businesses with between 10 and 249 people, a turnover of £1m- £45m and that have achieved annual growth of 10%+ for the last three years or 20% + for the last two years.

Ambitious businesses – SMEs that do not fit the criteria above but can achieve some or all of the scale-up characteristics outlined below.

Characteristics of scale-up businesses

Can your business demonstrate the following qualities?

A strong vision
Are your people involved in and can they understand how they contribute towards the success and future of the business? Can they see personal growth potential?

A solid team
Does your management team share a desire for growth? Do they embrace challenges and empower teams to provide solutions and innovation? Are they aware of their team’s capabilities and seek external support where needed?

A documented approach to process
Can your business demonstrate consistent delivery of product and project? Do you contingency?

Investment in growth
Does your business have the reserves and appetite to invest in growth? Do you invest in both technology and people?

A digital advantage
Are you using technology and innovation to your advantage?

What are the benefits of the UpScaler Project to my business? 

UpScaler’s support programme is tailored to each participating business:

·       A critical review of your individual scale-up challenges and opportunities

·       Leadership and management development programmes to enhance your skills

·       Tailored workshops focusing on innovation and business growth

·       Access to an executive peer-to-peer network – so that you can learn from others

·       Access to coaching to help you identify and achieve your growth goals

·       Access to talent and onward referral to support your future needs.

The benefit of such a diverse range of activities and participants is an active and dynamic support community that will help develop both the individual businesses and, collectively, the interaction and profile of those businesses.

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